Humane Removal

ratAre there Humane Methods for Rat Removal?

Rats are a common concern for many in Atlanta. These rodents have the ability to cause much trouble. Humane Rat Removal is a good option. Removal is necessary because a rat can actually chew on the wires in a structure. This is very dangerous because it can be the cause of fires. There are indeed humane options for the removal of rats like Wildlife and Pest company does.. It might interest you to get to know the rat a little better.

The Clever Rat

The rat is a clever rodent. These little critters have extraordinary senses. Their overall ability to smell, hear, and even touch are much keener than yours and mine. The clever rat is a proud rodent. If you come across two rats at the same time, you might expect a fight to break out. A rat will pride themselves on having mighty strength and power. A rat will fight their peer just to prove that they are powerful. The clever rat will show no mercy to a sibling. If the opportunity arose, the clever rat would eat their own sister or brother. This would be done if the rat was low on food. Eating a sibling for dinner is not out-of-the-question. Keep one very important fact in mind, if the rat wanted to feed off of you, the clever little rat is willing to push through sewage to get to you.

Providing for the Rat

The rat may be viewed as a fickle little creature. The rat will be happy to show off their vicious streak. They will be glad to keep some members of society confined. The rat will over-power others if they want another to stay in one certain area. The rat does have a respectful side too. They will show a healthy respect for hierarchy. It is instilled in the rat to show this type of respect. The rat knows that they can be killed if they are not willing to offer respect for hierarchy. You must also be aware of the fact that rats really do need people. Every rat must be provided for. We are the ones who provide for the rats.

Meet the City Rat

city ratThere is not a city on the planet who does not have rats as residents. Some cities are a bit more rat-friendly than others. A rat who lives in a city has been called many different names. The city rat is very content to live in a dark and dank sewer. Keep in mind, this type of rat does enjoy a very developed and keen eyesight. This rat does not need a well-lit sewer space. They have very long claws and thick padded feet. Their long toes will allow them to climb walls at a fast pace. A city rat has a powerful jaw. They have very huge teeth too. It is easy for the city rat to chew right through toughened debris in order to get to food. The city rat delights in a meal of garbage and scraps. This rat will set-up a home base in the following areas:

* taverns
* barns
* dark holes
* broken and cracked walls
* derelict and abandoned locations

The city rat may be an aggressive rat. This rat does not experience a strong fear. If a rat is amongst a hundred or so of their peers, they will attack. This group of rats have no problem clawing and biting. They will fight to the death.