The Wandering Opossum

The opossum is known as a wandering little critter. This is an animal that is just looking for an opportunity. The opossum would love to come right into your home and get comfortable. A female opossum who has babies of her own will take the opportunity to create a peaceful retreat for her youngsters at your house. This can be trouble for any homeowner. A search for food will most likely be in order once residence has been established in your household. The opossum has the ability to cost a homeowner thousands of dollars. The opossum can create havoc in a building. Repairs for the destruction can be very costly indeed. The opossum will cause destruction while they are in search of their food. The favorite meal for the opossum is meat. Road kill is a tasty treat for the wandering opossum. Get in touch with professionals at, they will know how to handle an opossum.

Baby OpossumInvading Your Territory

The opossum will enter you house uninvited. They have some favorite household spots. These include:
* cars
* patios
* parked RVs
* decks
The opossum will build their own nest in your space. You can then expect the opossum to return to the same spot in which they built their nest. The opossum will be returning year after year. Humane opossum control may be in order once a nest has been made in your space.

Professionals May be Needed for Humane Removal

If the opossum wanders into your home, you should be aware of the fact that this animal can be very dangerous if they feel threatened. They may expose their very sharp teeth in order to protect themselves. The opossum really does “play dead.” The opossum does sometimes carry rabies. Rabid opossums can be deadly to people. Humane removal services may be required to remove the wandering opossum.